At TTS2013, we have proven and appropriate technology and machinery for our casting, heat treatment, and machining processes to ensure a high standard quality and performance.

Centrifugal Casting
The TTS2013 double poured centrifugal casting process was developed for more complex microstructures to meet superior hardness requirement with excellent wear and thermal fatigue resistances while improving the strength of the neck and core of the roll. We could produce a maximum outer diameter of 900mm. with barrel length up to 2,500mm.

Heat Treatment & Cooling System (5Ton,15Ton,20Ton,40Ton)
Specially controlled conditions under TTS2013 heat treatment process enable our adamite rolls to perform in the stringent rolling conditions, in which the rolls are subjected to high cyclic impact load and/or high reduction rate; and our adamite rolls are designed for excellent resistances in wear and roll breakage.

Machining Process
We have more than 100 machines installed with the capacity to produce rolls, rings, tubes and sleeves up to an outer diameter of 1,300 mm. These machines could handle the roll weight up to 15 metric tones per piece. By using the appropriate CNC machines, we are able to produce rolls with very high precision according to customer specifications.

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